An accomplished and multi-lingual global graphic design professional with over 20 years of diversified experience in the not-for-profit, freelance, broadcast, entertainment, public relations, advertising agency, construction, Big 4 accounting and government industry sectors.

Known for clean, elegant and modern design approaches that bring a transformational look to customer brands and messaging. Recognized abilities for producing structured and creative design elements resulting in highly polished and professional corporate visions. Demonstrated design skills in overseeing and driving global branding, visual consistency and world-wide implementation of diverse marketing campaigns.

A graphic design professional who is constantly researching, deploying and monitoring innovative and emerging design trends. A strong grasp of digital requirements, specifications and strategic messaging’s impact in highly fluid global marketplaces.  Proven capabilities for partnering with clients on developing an artistic approach and style for their projects and marketing initiatives. A collegial and accessible management style fosters stronger employee engagement and improved morale. 


+1 (213) 925-0439

Photo by Ray Dalida.

Photo by Ray Dalida.